Monday, February 23, 2009

Small Town Shows...

I was home for my reading week and went out to a great local show. It was a two-night event, though unfortunately I could only attend for one night. 'Deep Freeze '09' was a pretty good show over all. I appreciated the venue (Black Pirate's Pub), and in general there were a lot of good bands playing. My favourites being Forever Dead and The Auditor General. I've talked about The Auditor General before, but not Forever Dead.

Forever Dead is a great rockabilly band from Thunder Bay. Their music is great, but their live shows are even better. The energy the band gives off is contagious and makes the audience
dance and sing along with all of their songs. Lead singer, Chelsea Heart's voice is powerful and intriguing and her stage presence is rarely seen. When accompanied by Jessica Hochins, keyboardist and backup vocals, they create great harmonies. The band is comprised of George Gratz, stand up bass, Mark Viherkoski, guitar, and Taylor T, drums. They all come together to create upbeat, energetic songs that are sure to please.

To buy their CD, click here.

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