Friday, March 6, 2009

a cupcake review & a songs to listen to

The other day I was seriously craving cupcakes, which in case you didn't know, are my favourite sweet treat. After some intense google-ing I chose Life is Sweet bakery in the beaches area. Although I'm not a cupcake expert, I will say with confidence that these were the greatest cupcakes I've ever tasted and certainly some of the best cupcakes in Toronto. The cake was moist but not too dense, and the icing was deliciously fluffy and smooth, and not overly-sweet or fake tasting. Named on's Best Cupcakes of Toronto list, these cupcakes are sure to please. With a variety of flavors (vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint, lemon, white chocolate, earl gray, coconut, and butterscotch) and great prices (a large cupcake costs about $2.50, while a box of six mini's is $6) everyone in the GTA should check out Life is Sweet. Because of that sweet sample box at a great price, Eric and I tried almost all the flavors (except for lemon) and I loved them all! My personal favourite was the chocolate mint but every single flavor was perfection.

Sweet treats deserve some sweet music, right?


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