Friday, November 28, 2008

they write anthems for 17 year old girls & fire eye'd boys

Last night I saw Broken Social Scene. It was greater then my imagination could imagine! None of the ladies were there, but they were still super rad. The set list was perfection and there was so many surprises!!

First Surprise...
Brendan Canning comes out wearing a gold sequined track suit and the band plays an unknown to me song while he sings and has back up dancers.

Second Surprise...
The singer from Modest Mouse, Isaac Brock, comes out of no where and sings Superconnected with the band and then BSS go on to play Paper Thin Walls, a Modest Mouse song with Isaac Brock! Kevin Drew was so stoked he blew his voice singing Superconnected and was all worried the rest of the show that he sucked (he didn't).

Third Surprise...
Balloon Drop. What more can I say? I love them.

Back to the details. Even though the ladies (Emily Haines, Feist, Amy Millan) were not there, they had Elizabeth Powell from Land of Talk, their opening act, doing the female vocals, along with another unknown lady who came out to do harmonies. When those two got together for Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl it was magical. The band also did songs off of their side projects which was sweet. As for the entire band, I'm not even sure who all was there because the stage was so jam packed!! Obviously the core members, Jason Collette, Kevin Drew, and Brendan Canning, as well as Justin Peroff, Andrew Whiteman, Sam Goldberg, and Elizabeth Powell. There may have been more people, but from my research that is a list of most of the main members that appeared on stage.

Check out Broken Social Scene!!!

Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl, Superconnected, Guilty Cubicles, Fire Eye'd Boy, Bodhi Sappy Weekend, Backyards.... and many many more

If you like the sound of BSS check out the member's many other musical projects!

Friday, November 21, 2008

hello hello,

I realize I have not made an entry in a while, and for anyone who reads this (I'm never sure if anyone reads what I say:P) I apologise. I have been swamped with school and work. But now I'm going to take a break from writing an essay on Nietzche and write about something so much better than philosophy.... MUSIC (obviously).

Today I'm going to talk about Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

I was introduced to Kay Kay (thats what I'm going to call the band right now because lets face it, it's long to type) by my superawesome friend Matt, who has the greatest taste in music. At first when I heard them I was a little confused, just because they blend so many different styles of music together. But once I gave them a good listen I was like, WOAH! Seriously, good stuff. Kay Kay is compiled by artists from the band Gatsby's American Dream, but have a much different sound. I can't really describe their sound because I'd sound crazy... Point is check them out. Here is a video for one of my favourite songs off of their self-titled album, Hey Momma, done acoustic.

Simon Courage Flees The Coup, Santa Cruz Lined Pockets, Swan Ink, and of course, Hey Momma

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feisty Feisty

I saw Feist last night. FINALLY! That is what I was thinking to myself. The show was simply amazing. Besides Feist being stunning live, the whole atmosphere of the show was awesome. I got to see her at Massey Hall which was pretty great as she is playing at the Air Canada Center on Monday (which I think would suck compared to Massey Hall). The whole theme/way the show went was really cool too. It reminded me very much of an arts and crafts tv show i watched when i was younger. She had 3 people on stage the entire time making the backdrop in real time. They would move different objects on a white board which was projected onto the backdrop. The coolest ones I remember were for the song Honey Honey where the girl did a finger painting while the song was happening that was representative of the music video, and Past in Present, where it started out with a mountain made of construction paper, and as they peeled pieces away it became a volcano (because the song says, "when a mountain fills with light, it's a volcano"). Also, she was dressed very cute. She had a gorgeous short black sparklie dress on with black tights that had black sequins all over them. I wanted the entire outfit. Anyways, Feist was amazing live and I hope I can see her live again. If you are not well acquainted with Feist (aka you know she sings the iPod commercial song but that's about it) I suggest you check out some of her other songs.


Mushaboom, Past in Present, Brandy Alexander, The Park, Inside and Out, I Feel it All