Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hometown Heroes

When I'm in my hometown of Thunder Bay, I tend to go to local shows at least twice a week. Even though I tend to like one band a night, I really like supporting local bands. This summer, a new local band emerged and lets just say they blow my mind. They are Vega, genre unknown, because to classify them is quite the task. The group's background is so diverse, coming from hardcore, rockabilly, and metal, yet interests in so much more than that. Their songs are uber-catchy and have me singing for days, and they appeal to such a wide audience. Their musical influences spawn from a wide variety of bands, such as Circa Survive, Thursday, Moneen, Choke, and Killswitch Engage, which can be heard in their songs. Vega will surely please a wide variety of music-lovers.

"I think we have the ability to reach a broad audience because we blend so many genres together. The music fits the lyrics well, so it allows us to write easily, yet from the heart."
- Jessica Hochins, vocals

"Writing this music has been an outlet for me to express a much softer side of myself. When I write for Vega, I find it important to capture a feeling. Through Vega, I have been able to express certain parts of my life musically, as well as progress as a songwriter: playing with layer, guitar interplay and textures. "
Shawn Hartviksen, guitarist

Click HERE to check out their sweet sound.

** photo taken by me, Vanessa Vaillant

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