Sunday, October 19, 2008

music to my ears

Thursday i had quite an awesome day. after writing a midterm (the not so awesome part) me and eric walked up to watch the diggerydoo player on young street, cause it was his last busking day. then we picked up our feist tickets!! i get to see feist in about 2 weeks which is way awesome. then my auntie sue was in the tdot from florida so she took us out for dinner. finally, the bestest part of the night, we went to a sweet indie show. it was such a fun show. i bought a pin that the viola player of fall horsie made, which is a pink rose with a glow in the dark triceratops on it. i know, you’re jealous right?!

bands that played…

» they were really rad. the girl’s voices were gorgeous. they had a really fun sound that made me want to dance. two girls sang, one who was very talented and could play a multitude of instruments, and the other was on violin while she sang back up. then they had a drummer and another guitar/bass player. loves it.

» also loved these people. the singer busted on the piano, the drummer played sweet kinda off but on purpose beats, and then there was a violin and a viola player whom i loved. can’t go wrong?

eric’s friend lauren puts on these shows, at the tiger bar. i want to go more often. i think we may make a thursday night tradition by going every thursday.

ps. click it if you live in the general toronto area and want to check out more of lauren's shows

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