Monday, October 20, 2008

Amethyst Amulet!

* photo taken by Nicolas Côté

Today I'm going to talk about Adam and the Amethysts. Why? Because I'm going back to my roots. Yes, Adam is from Thunder Bay, and what I really love about his cd is that all of the songs have inspiration from tbay! I have been in Toronto now for almost 2 months, and whenever I'm missing home I frequent this disc. First off, you are probably wondering, who is Adam? Adam = Adam Waito, who besides being the frontman of Adam and the Amethysts, is also in Miracle Fortress (who, on a side note, are probably one of the greatest bands ever) and Telefauna.
So, point is, Adam Waito is rad AND from my hometown!

The cd, Amethyst Amulet is full of fun and nostalgic songs that feature an array of instruments (my personal favourite being the fun use of horn). Each song, like I said, has something in it that relates to Thunder Bay, whether it be a subtle mention of Lake Superior, or a much bigger Thunder Bay mention, in the song 'Waverly, Vickers, Trowbridge, Centennial', anyone from Thunder Bay will most likely love this album (except if they are totally opposed to lovely synth-pop!) As a whole, the cd is an awesome compilation of songs with a great variety in style.
Point is, give Adam and the Amethysts a try :)
Song Suggestions - Stupid Ocean, Amethyst Amulet, and Looks Just Like The Ocean

** on a side note, please check out Miracle Fortress and Telefauna as well! Support Canadian Music!


zoaye said...

yo, Adam & the Amethysts, A+

ps. you're my fave vee

highwaisted said...

will def give them a try. ;)