Friday, November 21, 2008

hello hello,

I realize I have not made an entry in a while, and for anyone who reads this (I'm never sure if anyone reads what I say:P) I apologise. I have been swamped with school and work. But now I'm going to take a break from writing an essay on Nietzche and write about something so much better than philosophy.... MUSIC (obviously).

Today I'm going to talk about Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

I was introduced to Kay Kay (thats what I'm going to call the band right now because lets face it, it's long to type) by my superawesome friend Matt, who has the greatest taste in music. At first when I heard them I was a little confused, just because they blend so many different styles of music together. But once I gave them a good listen I was like, WOAH! Seriously, good stuff. Kay Kay is compiled by artists from the band Gatsby's American Dream, but have a much different sound. I can't really describe their sound because I'd sound crazy... Point is check them out. Here is a video for one of my favourite songs off of their self-titled album, Hey Momma, done acoustic.

Simon Courage Flees The Coup, Santa Cruz Lined Pockets, Swan Ink, and of course, Hey Momma

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