Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feisty Feisty

I saw Feist last night. FINALLY! That is what I was thinking to myself. The show was simply amazing. Besides Feist being stunning live, the whole atmosphere of the show was awesome. I got to see her at Massey Hall which was pretty great as she is playing at the Air Canada Center on Monday (which I think would suck compared to Massey Hall). The whole theme/way the show went was really cool too. It reminded me very much of an arts and crafts tv show i watched when i was younger. She had 3 people on stage the entire time making the backdrop in real time. They would move different objects on a white board which was projected onto the backdrop. The coolest ones I remember were for the song Honey Honey where the girl did a finger painting while the song was happening that was representative of the music video, and Past in Present, where it started out with a mountain made of construction paper, and as they peeled pieces away it became a volcano (because the song says, "when a mountain fills with light, it's a volcano"). Also, she was dressed very cute. She had a gorgeous short black sparklie dress on with black tights that had black sequins all over them. I wanted the entire outfit. Anyways, Feist was amazing live and I hope I can see her live again. If you are not well acquainted with Feist (aka you know she sings the iPod commercial song but that's about it) I suggest you check out some of her other songs.


Mushaboom, Past in Present, Brandy Alexander, The Park, Inside and Out, I Feel it All


highwaisted said...

did you see hayden open? how was hayden?

Vee said...

i did see hayden. he along with his back up band (which was cuff the duke) were pretty great, although i felt that he mumbled a lot while he sang. overall though he put on a sweet opening act.