Thursday, April 9, 2009

Springtime Playlist

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Today it really felt like spring in Toronto, so I've made up a springtime playlist for all the readers out there. When I think of spring I think of bright colours, warm tones, happy feelings, bright sunshine, chances of melancholy rain, and a hope for summer strong in the air. These songs are a mix happy positive sounding songs and a couple less positive sounds, for those rainy days, that will bring in summer with a smile. Please enjoy.

  1. Wake Up - The Arcade Fire
  2. Too Too Too Fast - Ra Ra Riot
  3. Hustle Rose - Metric
  4. The Stars of Track and Field - Belle and Sebastian
  5. Click Click Click Click - Bishop Allen
  6. Diamonds in The Souls of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
  7. New Soul - Yael Naim
  8. A Children's Crusade on Acid - Margot And The Nuclear So and So's
  9. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
  10. Come On! Feel the Illinoise! - Sufjan Stevens
  11. Rain - Bishop Allen
  12. The First Five Times - Stars
  13. All The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth - The New Pornographers
  14. That Time - Regina Spektor
  15. Clark Gable - The Postal Service
  16. Down To Earth - Peter Gabriel
  17. Rainbowarriors - CocoRosie
  18. A Duel Will Settle This - Mates of State
  19. Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
  20. If You Leave - Nada Surf
  21. Humble Peasants - The Most Serene Republic
  22. Poetaster - Miracle Fortress


Magda said...

I really love this playlist, I did one of the same kind in my blog, the difference is : I called it the hammock playlist =D

Vee said...

i checked out your hammock playlist, it's sweet! i love jack johnson for summer, so chill.